Halloween Pregame Done Right: An RL Grime Story

Halloween Pregame Done Right: An RL Grime Story

Yes, you read the title right. What better way to pump yourself up before Halloween than seeing the legendary trap king, RL Grime? There is no better way!

Out of all the concerts, I’ve gone to and the sets I’ve seen, RL Grime definitely knows how to set the spooky and chill mood for the audience. His transitions were on point, the track selection was spot on, and the vibes that he created for the crowd in front of him felt phenomenal. Henry is the perfect producer to start the Halloween pregame with all the trippy and scary trap synths so that we’re ready for what ghost adventure we’re about to endure on Halloween night. Now, here I am, about to go into gore details about how RL Grime and two other shot glasses brought the core from their music to the fans that came to the Complex on Monday, October 23rd for Henry’s NOVA tour stop in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The first shot of the night was a mix of sweet fireball, aka. known as KITTENS. LA-based DJ, KITTENS, also known as Lauren Abedini uses low grinding electronic beats, heavy rap, and future beat music for her sound. Before attending, I never heard of this ‘KITTENS’ before, but once I stepped foot into the beating room, I couldn’t stop vibing. Her sound was just the right kind of vibe to move around to, built in with the acoustics around the venue. She is a name that people should be looking out for!

Pouring into the second shot was some whiskey to welcome the unforgettable graves. Now, we don’t know a lot about graves but we do know him through his beats. He isn’t any ordinary festival-banger DJ, he is the producer that gets you going. His sound is a mixture of pumping up and chilling out, and that’s the best kind of music. Hearing his set live felt like magic in the air, and he wasn’t even the headliner! This goes to show that this was going to be one of the best live performances that I’ve ever gone to.

When the lights went dark for our favorite headliner, the first thing I noticed was the flickering lights. They kept switching from red, blue, violet, even all of these weird, mixed colors together. The trappy sounds then shot on and we, the audience, knew it was about to get real. Seeing Henry, RL Grime, himself for the first time live felt like an absolute dream when he stepped on. I felt my world stop for a quick second when he dropped the first drop of his new song “Era”. I’ve been personally listening to that song ever since it came out and hearing him incorporate the track into his grungy set was absolutely mesmerizing. Throughout the night, I found myself just swaying and raving along to the notorious wubs and synthesizers that made the whole crowd floor vibrate. A perfect example of this was when he played his most popular song “Core”  from his 2014 album VOID – that shit went hard! Also with “Waiting For It” – maybe I should say this for all of the songs he played. However, I lost my mind when he mixed Flux Pavilion’s track “I Can’t Stop” and my favorite song from RL Grime himself, “Scylla”; after hearing that mix, I don’t think I could think of anyone else that mixes better than Henry Steinway.

And, that’s the best way to kick off your Halloween.

Speaking of Halloween and RL Grime, the hugely popular annual Halloween mix is out! Listen below!

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