Hallowfreaknween 2016 with Alex Geis

Hallowfreaknween 2016 with Alex Geis

As the lights dimmed low and the spirits came out to play, Hallowfreaknween 2016 brought the mayhem and mischief to Denver, Colorado. Presented by Global Dance, the event promised to immerse us in a nightmarish world of horror in the National Western Complex; and it didn’t fail to deliver.

Colorado’s biggest Halloween costume party featured the sonic treats of Seven Lions, Morgan Page, Ilan Bluestone, TheFatRat and many more. Eight different stages were packed in the arena to hold the 20+ DJs who were able to perform at the event.

The costumes were amazing, proving that EDM lovers are the most fashion-dedicated music fans. Dancing inside a sweltering costume for hours may be deterring to some, but the great tunes kept the spirits high (every pun imaginable intended).

Freakn Arena

The main stage was the focal point for most of the evening. Looming ghouls towered over the stage as the songs were accentuated by dancing demonic nuns. Crowds of costumed maniacs never dwindled as they watched their favorite artists on the biggest stage. Deux, Dann G and Sluggo started off the night right, leading into one of the first headline artists, TheFatRat. I had never seen him live, and he blew me away. The blend of upbeat poppy synths with ground-shaking drops made him quite the sight to see.

The highlights of the night were Morgan Page and Seven Lions. Morgan Page brought the house down with his stunning original tracks and remixes to crowd favorites (Adele’s “Hello” and The Outfield’s “I Don’t Want To Lose Your Love Tonight”). In his pilot’s outfit, he was in full control and didn’t let up until the lights went down in preparation for Seven Lions.

Beginning with a subtle melody, Seven Lions invited the crowd into his world of beauty and terror. Lush soundscapes enveloped the crowd in a warm embrace before launching a full on bass offensive at the Denver crowd. The level of sonic detail in Seven Lions‘ songs isn’t full realized until festival-quality speakers attempt to disintegrate your ear drums.


Hallowfreaknween 2016 was a whirlwind of haunts and ear candy melded into a frightfully fun evening. The sun has finally risen on our Halloween 2016 weekend, keeping the frights hidden away as we impatiently wait until next year.

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