It’s a Happy Day For GRiZ Fans

It’s a Happy Day For GRiZ Fans

Fans of Colorado-based electro-funk producer GRiZ have a lot to be excited about right now.

First, GRiZ announced that he’s dropping a new album, “Good Will Prevail,” on September 23rd. From his Facebook announcement:

“This year has been particularly difficult. Too many times I’ve felt sick to my stomach watching the news or talking with my friends about what’s going on in the world. It seems like I can’t get a break from bad news. All this senseless violence, political unrest, cultural tension … got me feelin down..and often…helpless.

I ask myself often what I can do to help out. So, I wrote this album as a reminder to me and to you that there is SO MUCH GOOD in this world! I urge you, focus on our collective LOVE and RIGHTEOUSNESS. It’s up to us to keep that alive. Keep your head held high. I know things look real real bad right now, but no matter how dark it may seem or how discouraged you may feel, never ever give up!”

GRiZ’s funky tracks never cease to make me feel happy and I’m sure this album will be no different. I’m counting down the days until this drops and I know the rest of the GRiZ fam is too. But that’s not even all the exciting GRiZ news!

GRiZ also dropped a killer track, “Can’t Hold Me Down, ” featuring Tash Neal of The London Souls. It has a bluesy feel to it that I haven’t heard from GRiZ before, but still maintains his signature funkiness. It also has a touch of dubstep in it, a direction I’ve definitely seen him heading in during his live performances over the last year, and is part of the reason why huge festival crowds have been going absolutely nuts over his sets. Check out this new banger below!

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