Hardfest Teases Huge Hard Summer Announcement

Hardfest Teases Huge Hard Summer Announcement

Hard summer has always been and always will be considered one of the premier festivals of the summer in Southern California.

Throughout the years there have been transformations to the yearly event including changing locations from LA State Historic Park to Whittier Narrows Recreational Area and most recently to the Pomona Fairplex. As the festival draws near, the anticipation for the event is building and rumors and speculation are growing as well as fans look for answers as to how Hardfest will eclipse what they have been able to accomplish with Hard Summer in past years.

One of the rumors that is making waves about this year’s Hard Summer is the return of the festival to the LA Historic Park in Downtown Los Angeles. If true, this would absolutely make fans in Southern California rejoice due to the amazing aura of the facility and the easy access to the metro and bus lines that drop off attendees right next to the festival.

Another rumor that is circulating is a speculated leaked lineup for the event that is filled with star-powered names in EDM and hip-hop that include: Kendrick Lamar, Porter Robinson, Future, The Chainsmokers and more. Without a doubt, fans would be thrilled to have these names included in this year’s Hard Summer and it would again bring a diverse group of highly talented artists to the prodigious yearly music festival.

Aside from rumors and speculation, fans were teased this week by Hardfest in their new marketing campaign that includes this image on their website.

FullSizeRender (4)

Furthermore, Hardfest is using the hashtag #RIPTHEINTERNET that is creating a buzz that they are ready to make an announcement of epic proportions. They are certainly building momentum towards the event in a unique manner and fans are more than eager to see what Hardfest has up their sleeve to make this upcoming festival the best Hard Summer ever.

Hardfest, you have our attention.

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