Dillon Francis & NGHTMRE’S video for “Need You,” is a must see!

Dillon Francis & NGHTMRE’S video for “Need You,” is a must see!

Dillon Francis is a character. From his successful youtube series DJ World to his dynamic mixes, he is a hybrid of humor, talent and looks. He has collaborated with phenomenal DJs like DJ Snake, NGHTMRE, KYGO and many more to name.

Need You, by Dillon Francis and NGHTMRE was released a few months ago. It is one of the biggest hits of the summer. If you haven’t already, the music video is a you must see! Who watches music videos anymore?

This video is a must see. In this video, so many different things are going on. From beginning to end, this music video will have you laughing, dancing, shocked and hitting the refresh button!

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 3.21.17 PM

Dillon Francis is a hired event DJ for a neighborhood block party. His attitude is consists of sloppy, hilarious, and ready to party. Throughout the video, he is constantly doing crazy things and treating the event as if it’s his own party.


Here are some quotes after the video was watched.

“It is Project X meets a PTA Meeting.”

“I cannot take my eyes off it.”

” Where did the bouncy castle come from?”

“He is too much.”

” He is one of the best DJs and I love watching his videos and snaps.”

Here is the video below!



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