HDYNATION: Flosstradamus Takes NYC on Hi-Def Tour

HDYNATION: Flosstradamus Takes NYC on Hi-Def Tour

Despite Josh Young’s departure from Flosstradamus, a lot of people were distraught. But, that did not stop Curtis Cameruci from continuing without him. With HDYNATION, he has killed it all of 2017. From Dillstradamus at Moonrise to his new line of #HDYNATION merch being released this year, Flosstradamus shut down NYC in the hardest performance to say goodbye to #2017.

Flosstradamus in Hi-Def at The Brooklyn Steele

I first saw Flosstradamus at EDC Las Vegas this year. With a mesmerizing performance, I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to see him again. And let me tell you, it was unforgettable.

The cold couldn’t keep anyone away. Located on Frost St in Brooklyn, the show was worth traveling n the cold. The event was from 7 pm to 11 pm due to previous noise complaints from Brooklyn residence. But that didn’t hold anything back.


On their first headlining tour, Phantoms opened up for Flosstradamus from 8om to 9 pm at the Brooklyn Steele. Phantoms played a mixture of big room and house. Phantoms were teen actors before DJs. They were featured on shows like Hannah Montana, That’s So Raven and more. The DJ’s performance before Flosstradamus was a great way to pass the time before Flosstradamus.

The G.O.A.T Flosstradamus

The beginning of Flosstradamus’s set was a strong opening to the night. He opened with the Say Less (Eptic Remix) and it really set off the tone for the rest of the night. I’ve never seen Flosstradamus put in so much energy and work aside from the time I saw him in EDC Las Vegas.

To watch Flosstradamus’s EDC Las Vegas set, click here.

He played his well-known bangers such as Prison Riot, Back Again, Came Up with Post Malone and many more. The hi-light of my night was when he live mixed Man’s Not Hot on the spot. And if you don’t know what that is, it was one of the last memes of 2017.

There was never a moment that Brooklyn Steele was not moving. Despite his set ending at 11 pm, his set made up for all of it. I’m so relieved that the weather didn’t divert my plans. And the vibes didn’t stop there. I got a chance to meet the G.O.A T Flosstradamus and represent HDY Nation.


If you didn’t come out and see Flosstradamus for his Hi-Def tour, you missed out on an experience that would hype you up for the start of 2018. It shows you that no matter what trials are thrown at you, you will give your all and never stop fighting. To be positive and to say f**k the negativity.

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