Headhunterz Returns Back To Hardstyle

Headhunterz Returns Back To Hardstyle

Sometime’s, if we wish hard enough, our wishes come true! And if you love hardstyle, you’d be happy to know that Headhunterz is returning back to their roots, hardstyle. From his music production to the way he produced hardstyle when he stopped producing hardstyle, it was a transition. Until now, Headhunterz is back and the hardstyle is back too! It’s amazing to say that Headhunterz has returned back to hardstyle!

Headhunterz Returns Back To Hardstyle

In a heartwarming video, Takin it Back shows the journey and evolution of Headhunterz. He’shas been around ever since 2003 performing at some of the biggest festivals. He’s headlined at Defqon1, EDC, Tomorrowland. He left hardstyle in 2014 to experiment and to expand his musical talent. He took a break producing hardstyle and began to produce future bass and big room house. It’s amazing to see artists and their journey. But after all, he knew his forte was hardstyle.

It was until 2017 at Defqon1, where he knew where his home and it was impossible to leave the hardstyle scene. He said in a quote below:

“Dear members of the hardstyle community. Exactly one year ago I stood before you. And it was a life-changing experience for me. In this world, you can be anyone doing anything if you fight for it. But I’m done fighting, done running. Whatever is out there in the world to achieve. There is only one thing left for me to do. And that is to surrender. To who I really am. Thank you, for showing me the way.”

It was a heartfelt video which took us back to the beginning of Headhunterz career and the various shows he’s played all around the world. The touching video was something that could make anyone feel the emotion that was demanded to be felt.

Hardstyle is Under Rated

Out of all of the subgenres of EDM, I feel that the most underrated genre is hardstyle. From the overall composition of the uplifting message, hardstyle needs to come back to the United States. Hardstyle is the most prevalent in Europe, Netherlands, and Chile but it is coming back into the United States. This year is the year for hardstyle!

Special thanks to Taha Mehdi!