Herobust and Ookay at Webster Hall in NYC

Herobust and Ookay at Webster Hall in NYC

Seeing a DJ for the first time is such a rush, one that simply never ceases and just doesn’t get old. As amazing as it is, it’s equally (although in a different way) as amazing to see one of your favorite DJ’s for a second, third, etc. time. You get to relive those moments you loved so fiercely the first time and more than likely get to hear a different set. That was the case for me seeing Herobust and Ookay at Webster Hall in New York City.

I first discovered Herobust at EDC New York 2016 and became addicted to his heavy and beyond nasty style and made sure to catch him again at Moonrise 2016. Seeing him a third time I was only more and more excited because I knew I’d be far from disappointed. I’ve previously never seen Ookay and I was optimistically hopeful to what he’d throw down.

I met up with a friend/rave brother I met at Moonrise, someone who I’ll also be going to EDC LV with, which made the show even better! Before the show started, I saw Ookay and he stopped to high five me making my rave heart skip a beat or two. Although I wasn’t extremely familiar with all of Ookay‘s songs, I was most definitely satisfied with his set, especially for his finale of “Thief” that he added to for the live version which was incredible. That song really does it for me. It’s easily one of my all time favorites.

I couldn’t be happier when Herobust came out because he was just as nasty as ever and this headbanger loves a sick beat to rage to.  This show in particular went on longer than most raves I’ve been to, although they’re all pretty late making their way into the early hours of the morning. I wasn’t missing any of Herobust just to catch an earlier train, however, so I ended up taking the 4:54 AM train counting my blessings that I didn’t fall asleep on the train before arriving to my stop! When they say New York City is the city that doesn’t sleep, they really aren’t lying.

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