[Listen] Hippie Sabotage Drops Fire New Single “Watching”

[Listen] Hippie Sabotage Drops Fire New Single “Watching”

The newest song out by EDM DJ duo, Hippie Sabotage, is entitled “Watching” and this tune is super good!

The brothers of Hippie Sabotage have had a string of new songs out this year, including such bangers as “Righteous” andMirror”. The mellow beats Hippie Sabotage puts out are some of my favorites, and “Watching” is no exception.

The intro of the track is very quiet, nuanced by a cool, subtle bass line. A bit of light percussion works itself in, accompanied by some humming. The vibe of the song is calming overall, even as it works itself into the more predominant vocals. The percussion grows louder, but the repetitive elements of the banging still retain that mellowness.

Once the build is more formed, some really righteous guitar play comes in, accompanied by heavier bass. The guitar becomes more distorted as the song goes on, and the bass harmonizes well with it. The build overall feels royal at points, especially after peaks where these light crystal sound effects echo about. The crystals are a nice touch to the gentleness of the song overall as well.

There are bits of random talking/a sample I can’t readily identify, or figure out what’s being said, but it does work well in unison with the claps at work. The percussion itself does lighten up after the two main drops, going back into that light mood, still accompanied by the melodic humming. Additionally, a string element (possibly a violin) also becomes more noticeable. I don’t necessarily think the string instrument was there, in the beginning, so the new addition so late to the tune is rather sudden but still neat and creative.

The fade out of “Watching” is smitten with distortion and the same peaceful melody present throughout, and once again, the brothers of Hippie Sabotage have made a mellow, much-welcomed contribution to the sound of EDM.

Listen to “Watching” down below!

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