Hippie Sabotage Enlightens Town Ballroom

Hippie Sabotage Enlightens Town Ballroom

Of all the shows I’ve ever seen at Town Ballroom in Buffalo, I can say without a doubt that Hippie Sabotage was the most unique and intimate setting I’ve encountered. The brothers of Hippie Sabotage, Jeff and Kevin, gave an absolutely amazing performance all around. I’d say what affected me the most though was their showmanship and dedication to the fans.

Before the duo even touched their equipment, Hippie Sabotage went up to fans pushing against the stage and introduced themselves like gentlemen. I shook hands with Kevin there, and again several times during the show, when the spirited DJs would jump around and pump up the crowd. Every hard-bass-thumping song rattled the walls, and between the amazing visual and laser show, just seeing the pair toss around their epic long hair was worth the ticket price.

One of the highlights of the show was their hit song “Stay High,” wherein Hippie Sabotage brought almost half the audience on stage to dance. If security hadn’t cut the other half off, I know for a fact they would’ve got the whole show up there. Between moments like those and the almost constant flow of t-shirts being thrown out, the band proved without question they know how to entirely please a crowd.

Though I could go on about my photographs with Jeff, or how Kevin played “Om” on my personal shout-out request, I think the picture is already painted of the awesome DJ duo. The show never truly ended, both literally and metaphorically, since Hippie Sabotage kept playing songs well after the encore. There was a warmth to their show at the Town Ballroom and two personalities to match, all of which have led me here, reflecting on how amazing it was to see two of the most genuine artists in EDM music.

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