[Listen] Hippie Sabotage – Lights Out (JOUR Flip)

[Listen] Hippie Sabotage – Lights Out (JOUR Flip)

The powerhouse EDM duo Hippie Sabotage just released a new song titled Lights Out and the track is absolutely a must-listen. Brothers Kevin Saurer and Jeff Saurer make up the duo known as Hippie Sabotage, and are originally from Sacramento, California. Hippie Sabotage puts forth “Lights Out” following the success of their megahit “Stay High,” and several other amazing tracks from their impressive collection of tunes. The duo’s sound is something to experience and “Lights Out” definitely represents this mellow-natured EDM spirit.

“Lights Out” has phenomenal vocals, featuring a balanced mix of shrill and deep cuts of the repeating lyrics: “don’t make me turn the lights out, it’s getting hard to see.” This repetition comes off very whimsical, but also very strong. The chorus twists around the lyrics in a playful manner, keeping the ambience smooth, and really embracing the beat. There’s a unity in Hippie Sabotage’s sound that melds everything into the perfect mellow.

The drop features a solid snare drum kick, really igniting “Lights Out.” From there, the song has a cool kind of breeze through the lyrical repetition and resounding percussion. Everything the beat touches seems to just mellow out and again that balance with deeper vocals really brings out the rhythm. All the resounding percussion notes in the background also create a nice touch, complementing the rising and falling lyrics.

“Lights Out” has a mysterious ending, one that almost sneaks up and vanishes. There’s a beeping in the last few seconds that’s rather foreboding, but works with the rhythm, signaling the change. The lyrics again echo and then it’s over as fast as it started. “Lights Out” features the mellow pacing of Hippie Sabotage that personally really shows me the range of these artists and the potential of EDM music. Check it out on Youtube and embrace the chill of “Lights Out.”

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