Behind The Beat: Hippie Sabotage on Path of Righteousness Tour

Behind The Beat: Hippie Sabotage on Path of Righteousness Tour

Saturday nights, an amazing blank canvas for adventure, are a sight to see when visiting LA Live in downtown Los Angeles. With that being said, Hippie Sabotage did not disappoint. I visited an awesome venue called The Novo by Microsoft where Hippie Sabotage rocked the house on the latest stop on their Path of Righteousness Tour. The trendy intimate club offers a really cool connection with the fan, and the artist and with the investment in a new lighting system, takes the whole concert experience to the next level.

Hippie Sabotage, comprised of Kevin and Jeff Saurer, is an edm duo hailing from Sacramento, California but now are based in Whittier, California. These guys are super passionate about what they do. Hitting the industry in 2005, Jeff and Kevin have not looked back. Constantly looking to not be placed in a specific box but to integrate all influences in their music. Not really trap, not really dub step, not really upbeat like house, trance, and dance but yet a combination of all of that. It’s a tricky line to walk but they do it with ease. Using that momentum has propelled them to being recognized in the #1 spot on Billboards “Next Big Sound” chart. When I spoke to them about what that felt like and they were simply humbled. With each and every performance they further understand where they want to go in the future. That brings us to their current tour which drew inspiration from a song they had done called “Righteous”. Joining them on this amazing tour are MelvV, Lil Xan, and Azizi Gibson.

In case you have never heard of some of these artists…well let me enlighten you. MelvV is both a University of Wisconsin freshman, and a rising music producer and DJ, with an affinity for creating uplifting electronic music. He first started producing music at age 12 after being inspired by a video of Daft Punk‘s 2007 Paris concert. Lil Xan is a local product of Redlands California. He gained popularity after the release of the music video for his song “Betrayed” in August 2017. The song peaked at no. 65 on the Billboard Hot 100. His major influences are Pharrell, N.E.R.D., Drake, and Mac Miller. Last, but definitely not least, Azizi Gibson has been tearing it up and garnering a very loyal fan base since. Azizi was born in Frankfurt, Germany, raised in Bangkok, Thailand. Currently he is an independent artist who has had ties to Waka Flaka and Flying Lotus.

I was able to catch up with Hippie Sabotage to talk about the tour, their sound, their past and future collaborations, plans for 2018, and an interesting story about gummy bears. Hippie Sabotage promises to bring the heat in 2018 mixed with psychedelic twist. One thing that stood out to me with their live set is their energy, crown connection, and the secret sauce which was rock guitar element. To listen to the entire interview click here…

This tour is something you do not want to miss so make sure you check out their website for remaining dates and get your tickets now!!!