[LISTEN] Hippie Sabotage Newest Song Rogues feat. Daisy Guttridge

[LISTEN] Hippie Sabotage Newest Song Rogues feat. Daisy Guttridge

EDM duo Hippie Sabotage have been absolutely crushing it as of late. Their newest song Rogues” feat. Daisy Guttridge is another prime example of their talent and skill.“Rogues” came out just after their other single, “Lights Out,”. The song kept the mellow feel and is distinctive to Hippie Sabotage. Daisy Guttridge vocals are stupendous. All with range, raw emotion and compliment. The nature of sound in ‘Rogues’ with such exactitude.

Listen to Rogues feat Daisy Guttridge

‘Rogues’ begins with a slow, peaceful intro that evolves into a classic slow beat. There’s a clack effect that really touches on the Zen aspect of the song. It is purely mixing with the softer bass to a tee. The really heavy beats are slow as well. It’s very small in number, which personally adds much authenticity to the beat. There’s a build-up and drop which are structured in a more relaxed fashion. The uniformity of the song is without question one of the strongest features composition wise.

Off of Daisy Guttridge’s vocals, they’re reminiscent of fairies or pixies in the tone and also, the slow projection. There’s a magical element in some ways, an ethereal ring to the vocals. It really just adds to the oomph of “Rogues” in a beautiful way. There’s desire in the rising tones; a sense of calm that underlies the rest. Ditto for the lyrics, which come off very intimate. It include such graceful lines like “poison is paradise.”

“Rogues” by Hippie Sabotage featuring Daisy Guttridge is simply a gorgeous melody and mellow pacing that resounds in the EDM world. Between the meditative rhythm and heavenly breaks, the song feels complete, and utilized to the fullest. Hippie Sabotage has been putting out so much lately, and with the summer tours just around the bend, I’m sure they’re not done yet. Check out “Rogues” by Hippie Sabotage featuring Daisy Guttridge on and embrace the chill.

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