Hippie Sabotage at Town Ballroom Preview

Hippie Sabotage at Town Ballroom Preview

The super mellow beats of EDM DJ duo Hippie Sabotage are grooving over to Buffalo’s Town Ballroom this coming Wednesday. Presale tickets are on sale now and for an extra bit of cash there’s a VIP Meet & Greet where one can actually meet and take pictures with the brothers of Hippie Sabotage. It goes without saying any EDM fan should totally take advantage of this occasion, especially those in Buffalo, who rarely get the meet and greet kind of opportunity.

The intimacy of the Town Ballroom venue will certainly make for a unique visual show and a concert experience I can safely say I am excited to see in person. Prior EDM concerts at the venue have been massive successes, like Excision and Infected Mushroom (also returning at a later point this year), and the intimacy played a huge part in that. Whether the pit getting cascaded by lights is your scene, or the tables by the horseshoe bar lit up with contrast, the Town Ballroom is a choice venue for EDM artists visiting the Buffalo area.

Hippie Sabotage, the DJ duo from Sacramento California, has an impressive discography and a reputation for being a Billboard noted act. A number of awesome collaborations also exist, including Tove Lo and Ellie Goulding, whose voices very much complement the smooth tunes Hippie Sabotage puts out. The vast majority of their songs have a richly deep bass and slow moving pace, but when the drops and treble take over, the electronic influence becomes a style all its own. If the DJ duo plays “Om” I would be absolutely thrilled, and if they didn’t play “Stay High” I would be absolutely dumbfounded.

September 14th the doors open at 8pm for Hippie Sabotage’s Force of Nature Tour stop in Buffalo. Town Ballroom is the venue, they usually have tickets at the door, but get yours online for a better price today and you won’t regret the decision.

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