It’s 1 a.m. at Lavo, the East 58th Street New York hot spot, and there’s an impenetrable mob radiating from a single point: the doorman. His name is Richard Wheeler, he speaks softly with a British accent, and he’s not nearly as intimidating as the four beefy bouncers who flank him. Everyone is vying for Mr. Wheeler’s attention, but there’s a look of disappointment in his eyes…

It was on this warm Spring evening that Richard realized, as he gazed at so many people looking to enter the event, that he was disappointed to see so many wearing Ed Hardy, Affliction and other similar Jersey Shore looking clothing.


Not even allowed to let them in, and knowing some of the people standing in front of him are really nice people with a shared love of House Music. If only they were not wearing these clothes? it hit him…why not create a brand that is dedicated to House Music . A cutting edge line. Hip, on point, and current; something everyone could enjoy. It was right here that HOUS was born.

HOUS is a contemporary line, a balanced mix of styles reflecting what’s happening right now on the streets and in music, expressed with a flair of humor and clever graphics. HOUS is on the fast track to become a youth classic. Richard Wheeler has created the perfect lovechild of two passions; design and music, allowing the wearer a sense of expression and alignment to their passion for music.

Today, HOUS can be seen on some of the world’s most influential DJ’s, celebrities, taste makers and most importantly the people, the people who really make the music what it is… the listeners.