How do You Look For New Music? Part One

How do You Look For New Music? Part One

How do you look for new music? The way I look for new music is probably not the same way you find yours but you tell me. First off, I use two apps for music; Apple Music and SoundCloud. I pay for one but not the other. It’s annoying but it gets the job done. Apple Music is for my radio hits and hip hop, SoundCloud for my EDM and hour mixes. I separate the two because hip hop sounds better coming from Apple Music not only that it is also convenient since I have an iPhone.

SoundCloud may not be as clear but the sound reminds me of the speakers used at raves, concerts, and music festivals. For example when I replay a mix from Countdown NYE 2017 I replay a memory in my head. I can hear the fireworks going off, the crowd screaming in the background, the Dj’s voice on the microphone.

The way I go about finding new music is pictures and skimming.. a lot of skimming. In other words, if the song, the lyrics, or the beat doesn’t capture my attention within the first minute or so, I will skip it. When I do find a song interesting enough I will like it, listen to again another time with a fresh mind set. If I fall in love with it I will categorize it into one of my playlists.

Don’t get me wrong I love hip hop but when I find a new EDM song I find it to be so much more rewarding. If anything, I take more time trying to find new EDM than I do with hip hop because I can always rely on it to lift my spirits when I am sad, tired, or just wanting to feel extra happy.

What is your method to finding new music? Do you go based off of word of mouth? Hearing them at events first? Which app do you use?

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