How To Dress For A Winter EDM Event

How To Dress For A Winter EDM Event

Don’t get cold feet! There are plenty of ways to uphold your fresh style in the winter months. Although it’s much more fun to dress for warm events, you don’t want to be left shivering the whole time at your next festival, rave, or party. Luckily, there are trendy pieces in the EDM fashion world that are perfect for a Winter event and won’t cramp your style!

1. Ugly Christmas Sweaters

This Rick and Morty Christmas sweater is sure to get some laughs at whatever event your heading to, and more importantly, keep you warm. You can even rock it to all of those ugly Christmas sweater parties that happen every year. Also, this sweater is on sale right now–but hurry! The deal ends in five days. Buy it here!

2. Patterned Zip-Ups

A patterned zip-up jacket, like this Metatronic hoodie, is the perfect way to show off your style while dressing appropriately for the cold weather. The best part–it’s unisex and can be left unzipped to show off your favorite shirt or bandeau underneath. Its neutral color pallet will go perfectly with your other electric laundry. Buy it here!

3. Trippy Leggings

These Celestial Finger Print Leggings are pretty cool. The mix of the galaxy print and geometric fingerprints make for a pretty sweet addition to anyone’s closet. Trust me, you won’t want to be sporting sparkly spandex in the winter, so these are a smart option for your next EDM event. Buy them here!

4. Glow Gloves

If you are heading somewhere really cold, gloves may be necessary, so why not make them a cool pair of glow gloves? This way, you’ll be able to keep warm while also have some major style. You can’t go wrong with fashion and comfort. Buy them here!

5. Fluffies

Although I’m not usually a fan of fluffy leg warmers, they are a great way to stay warm at a Winter event–and some of them can be pretty cute. If those leggings aren’t quite doing the trick, throw some of these on over and you’ll be good to go. If these aren’t really your style, regular leather boots are great, too. Buy them here!

Hopefully, these tips will help give you some options when picking out the perfect outfit for your next EDM event. Remember, good style can also mean optimal comfort!