How to Pronounce Tchami

How to Pronounce Tchami

Tchami and Mercer were recently in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for Tchami’s Prophecy Tour – and what a miraculous show it was. Tchami did not disappoint the crowd with his clerical persona mixed with his killer DJ set – a perfect amount of good and evil to say the least.

One thing I did notice – and I’ll admit I’m guilty of this too – a lot of people didn’t know the proper way to pronounce Tchami, and to be completely fair (and to protect our egos), from an English-language standpoint, that is a difficult spelling to accurately pronounce.

The pronunciation of Tchami is a widely debated subject; this poor Twitter user undoubtedly left the social media platform even more confused about Tchami’s name than before:

I like to think I’ve heard just about every pronunciation under the sun of the Dj’s name – I’ve heard ta-COM-ie, TU-NAM-ie, ta-CHA-me, heck, as proven above some people even think it’s CHUM-ee (I can’t help but laugh at that one), and the list goes on; obviously not knowing the proper way to say something is pretty frustrating – my one friend got so tired of not knowing how to pronounce it he just started calling him “that T-guy.”

So I decided to step up to the plate and utilize the wonderful, knowledgeable inter-webs we have at our fingertips, often more used for looking at memes than to gather knowledge, to finally put an end to this frustrating name game.

Thanks to several CREDIBLE sources, the correct way of pronouncing Tchami is literally CHAW-me as the “t” is silent because Dj and producer, Tchami, is of French heritage and apparently French people like to silence their “t’s” in odd places that confuses us Americans.

If my text pronunciations don’t do the name justice, click here to hear French citizens pronounce it, I mean after all, they are French so they must be right, right?

Tchami isn’t the only DJ that is plagued by language and spelling barriers – Eric Prydz (Pr-ID-z), DJ EZ (E-Zed because he’s from England), and Netsky (Net-SKY not Net-SKI) are just a small list of many, many, mispronounced names in the EDM scene.

Hopefully now you can take your knowledge and show it off to the next person who mispronounces Tchami, or you could let them continue mispronouncing and send me a video of the epic mispronunciation creativeness.

To hear me properly say Tchami tune in to next Saturday the 25th’s PittsPLURgh Radio show, hosted by me and A’Will, as we discuss the Prophecy Tour that took place here in Pittsburgh (times listed on the radio show page).

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