Hudson Mohawke was Featured on Twin Peaks: The Return

Hudson Mohawke was Featured on Twin Peaks: The Return

If you are anything like me, music is not the only art that intrigues and inspires you. With all the other media out there today, there is so much content to choose from.  Yet, it is always extra special when two of your favorite mediums combine and create something wonderful. And just this past week, Hudson Mohawke performed on the new episode of Twin Peaks: The Revival!

If you are not familiar with this cult classic television show, I can enlighten you. Twin Peaks originally came out in 1990.. you know, before streaming. Viewers needed to sit down every week to watch the show, or wait until the next time it aired. However, the series still gained such a following! Fans became obsessed. In the past few years there has been a surge of popularity. In the original show, a character says “I’ll see you in twenty five years” and sure enough, the show returned this year to finish its story.

Since its original release, Twin Peaks has gained so much more popularity from people of all different ages. Which is why it is super incredible that creators, David Lynch and Mark Frost, are featuring up and coming artists in every episode! These artists range in genre from rock to alternative and now electronic! It also is great that Lynch and Frost decided to use lesser known artists to help create awesome exposure!

The artists all perform in the fictional bar “The Roadhouse” which usually plays eerie music to match the spooky tone of the series. Hudson Mohawke debuted a new song called “Human” during this episode. Check out his post celebrating his debut on Twin Peaks: The Revival. And, make sure to check out the rest of the featured artists that have and will be on each of the new episodes!

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