Ill-esha Interview With Mix 247 EDM

Ill-esha Interview With Mix 247 EDM

Multi talented and killing it, Ill-esha is someone you need to check out. Born in Vancouver, Elysha Zaide, also known as, Ill-esha is truly a full spectrum of talent. Her immense talent and knowledge shines through. From a voice actor, vocalist and film scores, and talent with her keyboard, Ill-esha is one of the talented female DJs I’ve seen. She has toured alongside with Bassnectar, Beats Antique and Big Gigantic. As a female DJ, she is a major inspiration. I had the pleasure to see her mix at BANGON! NYE and her exclusive interview with Mix247EDM.


1. How did you enjoy BANGON!NYC NYE Time and Space? Tell us a little about your experience there! Was it your first time in performing in New York? I have an extremely long history in New York actually – started performing there in 1999 and released my first record on Breakbeat Science in 2001 – so it’s always great to start a year off in one of my favorite cities that has supported me so much over the years.  I was more than excited for BangON! as I have actually attended their NYE shindigs before and had a great time, and I wasn’t disappointed – the production level was fabulous, and it was a great crowd.

Ill-Esha Interview with Mix247Edm2. What was your favorite act to see at BANGON!? It was great to see Thomas Jack‘s set a bit, I’m definitely a fan!

3. Would you say the places you’ve traveled influenced your music process? Absolutely, my music is influenced by the places I go – I’m very sensitive to my environment and part of the reason I live in Denver is its beautiful mountains.  In fact you could say my music is very literally influenced, because part of my process is to obtain field recordings in the places I go and make drums or other samples out of them for my music.  You’ll often hear the rain in Costa Rica or lava rocks clanking from Hawaii in my tunes.  And of course it’s always interesting to see the regional trends that happen in music, from Jersey club to West Coast bass music (both of which are heavy influences on me).   Above all, I have a huge debt to pay to American R&B, which is probably why I spend so much time stateside.

4. How did you come up with your name?  I started out in the beat-driven world as an MC, and when I was learning to rap one day someone said “That was ill, elysha..” and the two words slurred together, and so it was.  

5. If you weren’t producing/making music, what would your profession be? I would probably be doing something in either holistic health or social work, which are two big passions of mine that I try to incorporate into my music career.  I enjoy eating well, growing and preparing my own foods, and helping others.

6. What is your favorite thing about producing bass/dub tracks? My favorite thing about producing any kind of electronic music is the nearly limitless spectrum – no longer confined to the traditional instrument palette, you are free to fly anywhere you like, to make sounds that never existed before you.  To try and paint a beautiful picture with as many colors as you ever dreamed.  Bass music appeals to me in particular because there’s no rhythm restrictions for the beat – you can break it up, leave it four on the floor, or whatever you want. 

7. You have a singing background and sing at some of your shows, what is your favorite song to sing? My personal favorite track to sing is a very ambient song called 20/20 that I wrote.  It’s quiet, more thoughtful, and a good set ending.  But I write new songs all the time!

8. Where is your favorite place to go when you’re not touring? Although I adore traveling the world, it’s true – there’s no place like home.  It’s so amazing to come back to my studio and cat after a long time on the road.  That being said, I’ve developed a pretty awesome relationship with Costa Rica after being a regular festival guest – there is so much environmentalism, biodiversity, natural beauty, and delicious food, it’s definitely a favorite place of mine.

9. Favorite thing to do in your downtime? I’m an avid yogi and food fermenter – at any time my fridge is filled with 5 – 8 kinds of pickled veggies – and I have actually been recommitting a lot of my free time to helping younger up and coming artists.  I currently help run a Discord (chat server) channel based around electronic music production, and it’s extremely heart-filling to be able to help passionate musicians in real time.  I have never enjoyed the narcissistic aspect of being an artist where you spend all your free time chasing followers, so this is kind of setting things right for me, being able to inspire and help others directly through my own work and experience.   Come in and chat with us if you want some help!

10. You’re at a Karaoke bar, what are your top three songs to sing? Ginuwine – Pony..  Lauryn Hill – Can’t Take My Eyes off of You.  TLC – Creep

11. Do you have any new songs/releases you can tell us about? I’ve got a lot of music backed up to release and am waiting for a new manager to help me figure it out, but in the meantime I’m focusing on collabs.  Most recently I’ve released a track with 17-year-old Venza from Spain – we are in an artist collective called Hebinomichi together – called “Your Skies” via the Swisted Selections blog.  Watch my Soundcloud for more upcoming!

12. Anyone you’d like to thank today? I’d like to thank all the passionate musicians and learners who inspire me today.  The labels that have supported me consistently – Muti Music, Gravitas, Seclusiasis, Hebinomichi – the amazing blogs that are kind, my many mentors and friends, and my children of Discord.  We are all learners and dreamers and my love for you has no bounds.

13. Where can we follow your journey? is the main portal –

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