[Listen] ILL PHIL and LORENZO Release “AT NIGHT”

[Listen] ILL PHIL and LORENZO Release “AT NIGHT”

ILL PHIL is a globe trotting DJ and funky mixer of Jack House.

Hailing from Birmingham, PHIL has been part of the scene for the last 10 years, and has managed to keep it fresh with a litany of projects under his belt. In collaboration with LORENZO, they have released “ALL NIGHT”, which is definitely getting fans excited with over twenty thousand likes on Sound Cloud.

His unique style and self described ‘Jack House’ is a high energy interpretation on old school house bass lines. The intro to this single sounds like its coming from a time portal to a 90’s kandy party. As the  track progresses sultry, spacey vocals and chucked around a groovy bass line. With over six minutes of music, ILL PHIL does not rush through his transitions, and makes the move to the drop a satiating gesture. The thumping bass can only really be described as spicy fresh, and easy to bounce along to. The sophistication of the song is kept elevated as the slinky synths help lead in and away from the break down.

I will definitely be putting this on my next party mix. It is also easy to see why ILL PHIL himself claims to have held on to this jam for his personal sets and has granted us all access, and save it to your personal collection of ragers by downloading it here.

Check it out below.

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