Illenium Releases Second Album Awake

Illenium Releases Second Album Awake

It’s here. It’s finally here. Today is the day I’ve been waiting for for so long. Illenium released his second full length album titled Awake and I almost don’t know how to handle it, besides keeping it on repeat all day, of course. Ashes, Illenium’s debut album was released in 2016 and he has already put out another incredible record. How do I thank him enough?!

We were blessed (and teased) with singles leading up to the entire album release, with singles like “Fractures,” “Sound of Walking Away,” “Feel Good,” “Crawl Outta Love,” and most recently “Leaving.” In the songs I heard prior to the full release, “Feel Good” was always my favorite. I just had a special connection to it.

Now that the album is out in full, it makes it extremely difficult to pick a favorite, because it seems that every song is better than the next. His talent is undeniable. My favorite part of Illenium’s music is that it’s feel good (no pun intended?) songs that are fully capable of putting you in your feels, but make you feel happy at the same time. His incredible future bass vibe paired with getting features on songs who have the most angelic voices singing the most beautiful and relatable lyrics is what is uncontrollably alluring. Even with having all that beauty in his songs, please never underestimate Illeniums capability to get you completely moving with some melodic dubstep drops. He can get nasty, too. Trust.

“Feel Good” will always have a truly special place in my heart, as it was my first truly adored song by Illenium, but on my *first* run through of the album in its entirety, when I got to song 4, “Free Fall” Ft. RUNN, I was hooked 5 seconds in. It was just one of those things where you just know. At 16 seconds, when the singing starts, I was utterly captivated. By the first line “I couldn’t tell you I couldn’t breathe. I never knew I was ripping at the seams.” I knew that was the one and I was practically in tears.

Illenium is soul wrenching, heart gripping, spirit mending, gut punching music. His music resonates something so profoundly special in me that is truly hard to explain. If you’re already a fan, I’m sure you can understand and relate. If you haven’t heard Illenium yet, I urge you to. His music is awakening and healing. As amazing as he is to listen to all the time, seeing him live is another level of purity. I saw him at EDC Las Vegas, where it was his first time playing and my first time attending. It was magical. I most recently saw him at Ezoo, where he played a live set, which was the most free I’ve ever felt. He simply takes me higher. I already bought tickets to his Awake Tour opening show in Colorado, as well as his New York tour date. It cannot come soon enough.

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