Illenium’s Sold Out NYC Awake Tour Date

Illenium’s Sold Out NYC Awake Tour Date

No questions asked, getting to travel to Colorado for Illenium’s opening night of the Awake Tour was hands down unable to be topped. But, getting to see the show twice, from different perspectives absolutely added to the glory. For my second show of the Awake Tour, I saw Illenium perform in New York City for a sold out show at Terminal 5.

This show, I got to ride the rail. I was right up in front actually getting to fully see him up close and really get to capture it all. From his facial expressions, to his gestures, to getting a more in depth feeling and understanding of what he really puts into playing live was such a gift. Out of all the times I’ve seen Illenium, I’ve never been front row. That in itself gave that specific show an alternate perspective with a completely unique feeling. Being that close, you don’t get to really be smacked in the face with the visuals as much, although you do still witness the magic.



Although the set wasn’t a surprise to me anymore, I truly couldn’t be happier to hear it again. He truly puts together the most incredibly thought out, story telling, movie-like set filled with a roller coaster of emotional highs and lows while also throwing in a tasteful helping of grime to really let lose. Didn’t know you could head bang to Illenium? You. Sure. Can.

My favorite part of the set is that the album, Awake, is played in its entirety. It’s always nerve wracking and worrying to potentially not hear your favorite song on an album, but he didn’t disappoint. No song was left out! In addition to playing the album in full, a handful of those classic Illenium remixes were performed, including Say It by Flume (ft. Tove Lo,) Don’t Let Me Down by The Chainsmokers, and my personal favorite, Silence by Marshmello (ft. Khalid.)

Dabin and Said the Sky as openers absolutely crushed it yet again. They both bring such a different but insanely comforting energy and vibe to the stage, both equally welcoming and engaging. They’re both hands down artists I’d go see as headliners, or lock in on my schedule for ‘must see artists’ at festivals.

With all the excitement at the Colorado show, I left without buying any merchandise, but I didn’t let that happen twice! I got myself an official Awake Tour jersey, which were exclusively sold on tour only. Now that I have something new to wear, I’m especially eager to figure out when I get to see Illenium again!