Imagine Festival Artist Interview: Dirty South

Imagine Festival Artist Interview: Dirty South

Mix 247 EDM is gearing up for Imagine Festival, which takes place August 26 – 28 near Atlanta, GA, and I was fortunate to be able to chat with amazing house music producer, Dirty South, in advance of his performance there. We talked about everything from the emotional quality of his songs to how one tweet about Nutella made fans start bringing jars of the delicious hazelnut spread to all his shows.

Dirty South credits some of his earliest dance music influences as Stardust’s track, “Music Sounds Better With You,” and Erick Morillo, who left a strong impression after playing in Dirty South’s hometown of Melbourne, Australia. Dirty South has had an illustrious career, collaborating with EDM superstars from David Guetta to Alesso, on what may be his most well-known track, “City of Dreams.”

A veteran of the house music scene, Dirty South showed just how insightful he is about the industry with his comments on how the internet has impacted dance music in both positive and negative ways. While it allows greater reach to aspiring musicians, he lamented the lack of quality control that results from the low barrier to entry.

What I found most interesting in talking to Dirty South about his craft was hearing his true dedication to his work, which was evident throughout our entire conversation. Whether speaking about drawing inspiration from anything around him (a movie, a conversation, you name it) or discussing how he was always trying to expand his creative repertoire by learning new plug-ins or trying his hand at film-making, his passion and drive is apparent. He summed up the magic of producing music in a beautifully succinct way when he said, “And that’s the best thing about music. There used to be nothing, and 3 days later, there’s a song.”

Check out Dirty South’s new single, “All Of Us,” and listen to the full interview below!

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