In a World Full of Evens, This Musician Finds Himself Being Odd

In a World Full of Evens, This Musician Finds Himself Being Odd

With an EDM scene that’s always evolving, new and unique talent is constantly emerging – and like most other DJs, 25 year old Pittsburgh DJ and producer, Haymes Tarmino, is searching for a way to set himself apart from the norm.

Haymes Tarmino is a third generation musician, with a grandfather and father who were drummers and an uncle he considers a “one man band,” it’s no surprise that from the early age of two, Tarmino showed an interest in drumming – which would later turn into a life long passion.

Although the musician has been producing music since middle school, it wasn’t until the last four years that he has utilized his talent to make multi-genre, with a dubstep influence, electric dance music.

After dedicating almost-daily jam sessions to learn the ins and outs of his Roland Octapad, he’s finally confident enough to move to the next stage of his EDM and drumming endeavors – live performing drum tracks during his DJ sets, something that is very rarely heard about, let alone witnessed.

Using his Octapad, drumsticks, and Ableton Software, Tarmino will be able perform and play the drums while he DJs.

The musician plans to not only drum to his own songs, but also on using other artist-submitted music tracks, which will make his performances even more complex.

Tarmino remains confident that his live performances will be his personal earmark for an unforgettable and entertaining set.

“The live drumming is just a different way to showcase my talent and to separate from other DJs,” he says. 

The artist is unsure of exactly when he will start incorporating the live drumming into his public sets, but he’s hopeful it will be in the near future.

Tarmino provided a preview of the epicness to come:

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