Exclusive Interview With InsideInfo

Exclusive Interview With InsideInfo

“Dark DnB” producer InsideInfo has been on our radar for a while, producing a ton of singles, remixes, and a few EPs. Finally, he has partnered again with Miss Trouble on a follow-up to their “Metamorphosis” collaboration and released a new track, “Revolution.” With this anticipated collaboration release – which was first teased back in April – we can tell that InsideInfo’s first full album slated for early next year is going to be awesome. The track was available on Beatport and Spotify on November 4th, and will be available everywhere on the 18th.

We got the chance to connect with London-based producer Paul Bondy – aka InsideInfo – in anticipation of the release of his and Miss Trouble’s collaboration “Revolution”, released under Viper Recordings, and ask him about working with Miss Trouble, how it feels to finally be releasing a full album, and more.

Check out our interview with InsideInfo below and head over to YouTube to watch the official music video for “Revolution”.

With your debut album dropping early next year, is Revolution going to be the first single from that album or a stand-alone single that just gives us a taste of what’s to come?

The first single from the album was Conformity which came out back in April, Revolution will also be on the album. There’s a lot of variation on it, different styles, wanted to cover a lot of ground.

When you first started writing Revolution did you already have ideas for what you wanted to do with the track and wanted to get Miss Trouble involved in it or did you just want to do another track with Miss Trouble and that collaboration lead to the song Revolution?

She sent me the vocal and I built the entire track around it. Same with Metamorphosis a couple of years back, We start with a basic beat and I let her express what she is feeling at the time. I find that the best way to work with her vocals because they are so intricate and meaningful.

What is your favorite part of working with Miss Trouble?

That her lyrics just inspire me to write music around them, Fill in the blanks with sounds. We both have to be 100% happy with the final outcome so we fire ideas off each other when the tracks starting to develop. She always has something in the pipeline.

After so many years producing singles and EPs, how does it feel to be finally releasing a full album?

AMAZING!! dream come true, it’s something I’ve wanted to do for years, grown up dreaming about. If anything that’s made it really hard for me to finish because it’s such an important project with so much scope and possibility.

What can you tell us about your upcoming debut album? Can we expect another collaboration with Miss Trouble? Or do you have some other bomb collaborations lined up to blow us away?

I wanted the album to be a solo affair so at the moment there are no collabs with other dnb producers, it’s quite a personal album, BUT there are some collabs with some amazing musicians, I’ve got Aref Durvesh on there who is an incredibly talented Tabla player on there, he’s worked with people like Nithin Sawney, Sting, Beck and Joss Stone, Scott Kennedy from metal band “Bleed from within” has provided a full on aggressive vocal for a track and the incredibly talented Fable who’s voice just blew my socks off.

What artists are you listening to most currently? Did their music have any influence on the sound of Revolution and the sound of your upcoming album?

Parts of Revolution were influenced by people like Portishead, Massive Attack etc. I listen to all kinds of stuff really, mostly electronic. I find the time I really get to enjoy music properly is when I’m driving and someone broke into my car recently and stole the bloody sound system! I’ve been listening to a lot of Tipper, Tycho, Stimming, Sasha and film soundtracks lately.

Exclusive Interview With InsideInfo

How did signing with Viper Recordings, after many years of one-offs with other labels change your career?

Signing with Viper enabled me to focus on my work more and work with amazing people, then travel the world! Great to have a team of dedicated people behind your work. They have always just let me get on with it and not pushed me to go a certain way which I’m really happy about.

What did releasing the “Grow EP” do for you both in your career and as an artist?

It was the first proper EP I made and I really wanted to cover a lot of ground with that EP, although looking back at it I was never fully happy with it. It was a learning experience!

How did you feel when “The Plains” went #1 on Beatport’s DNB releases chart?

Having a number 1 is a great feeling but it’s not the be all and end all of making music, just a nice bonus I guess!

How did you feel when you first heard “Footpath” was nominated for “Best Track” at the 2015 D&B awards?

It’s really nice because it’s voted for by the people. That track was a proper coming together of 3 minds and we were all proud at the time.

What was it like for you when the original InsideInfo duo split up and you became a solo act?

We never really officially parted ways badly it just sort of drifted apart. He is still a really good friend of mine and very supportive of my work. I do miss working as a duo though and vibing off someone else, which is why I like to collaborate.

Exclusive Interview With InsideInfo

Have you always produced DNB tracks or did you start learning and creating on other instruments before your tastes lead you to DNB?

I started by just making terrible Electronic music on a Roland MC505, All kinds of unlistenable crap. DNB just became a focal point after a while. I really wish i could play a traditional instrument but alas I cannot and I just build stuff around sound design mainly.

You play shows all over the world. Have you noticed that crowds from different locales react to your music in different ways? Where’s your favorite place to perform?

Yes absolutely, Some tracks seem to resonate more with different countries. It’s an honour to take your music on the road and visit places you would never visit otherwise. I don’t have a particular favourite place to play tbh, but you can’t beat the home crowd.

What do you like about crafting original tracks over remixes and what do you prefer in making remixes over original tracks?

Well remixes are fun because you have a building block of sounds and a direction already, It’s cool to make an interpretation of someone else’s work and sometimes a lot easier than starting from scratch completely. Writing solo tracks allows you to express your own feelings and just go in any direction you want, without having to worry about if another party “approves” it or anything.

With the release of your album early next year can we expect another world tour? If so when are you going to announce it? Your fans over at Mix 247 EDM want to be able to start purchasing tickets as soon as possible.

I’m basically always touring, week in week out. It’s never ending and I wouldn’t change a thing.  I don’t plan on letting up any time soon! Keep an eye out for official album shows which will be announced soon.

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