Invisible Children by KSHMR & Tigerlily

Invisible Children by KSHMR & Tigerlily

The newest release from the incredibly talented EDM DJs KSHMR and Tigerlily, “Invisible Children,” is something very unique and wonderful to behold. The official video was uploaded just 6 days ago and primarily features KSHMR in many shots of mountainous steam, wispy smoke, and confetti explosions ascending his stage like mist from a waterfall. He’s always on the DJ booth and just radiates energy throughout the video. I was also, and still am, thrilled to be hearing something new from Tigerlily; she’s just straight up one of my favorite newer DJs. I should definitely note as well, the song and video go perfectly together when considering the intensity, the imagery, and stage presence brought by these epic DJs.

The song itself uses a mix of Indian vocals, like those of traditional Hindustani music, and strings to complement the beat. The fade into the build is one of my favorite parts; there is great use of piston sound effects and an insane drum beat going right into the drop. The drop itself is bouncy, implements turntable scratches and spins, all while playing with beats and breaks to the whimsical twang of the vocals. KSHMR has a strong and somewhat Bollywood sound to many of his beats. There’s a heavy use of rings and multiple bells true to that and this tune in particular, while I’ve also noticed a unique use of distorting vocals near the end of the song. Needless to say, along with his fade-outs, I think KSHMR knows how to drop the mic.

An additional thing to take note of: “Invisible Children” refers to the nickname of an array of slum kids in India. In a unique way, this song is raising awareness about their situation without bombarding the consuming public with guilt. The sound is beautifully done by two brilliant up-and-coming artists and the video is a bolt of adrenaline to match.

Watch the video below

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