Jabbawockeez x Tiësto in BOOM

Jabbawockeez x Tiësto in BOOM

One of the best dance crews in the nation, Jabbawockeez new video might be in a tune you recognize. BOOM by Tiësto is his latest song and the funky tune deserves the backup especially with the dancers. Check out the Jabbawockeez x Tiesto in BOOM!

Jabbawockeez x Tiesto in BOOM

To start off, the Jabbawockeez was on Americas Best Dance crew and won Season 1. With their unique style in hip-hop, they’ve appeared in countless commercials such as Pepsi and Gatorade and has made several television appearances. I was particularly happy seeing them freestyling to the song BOOM by Tiesto.

The music video starts with the crew coming out of a cab outside of the MGM Grand, where they meet the one and only Tiesto. The choreography of the single BOOM goes perfectly with their dancing style and so uplifting. Their dance moves and fluid and I’m obsessed with how it goes so well with the song. With each breakdown, their dance moves change up. The video is exciting and I want more from it. They incorporated old-school breakdancing with the video which reminds me of the movie Beat, Streat.

At the end of the video, it reverses to the beginning of the video and it shows the team members individually dancing, which gives the video individuality. What I love most about this video is that it was in a club rather than being in the hotel lobby or outside on the strip. It brought back the EDM aspect. I hope there are more collabs with dance crews and DJs in the future and if there is, you know we will be talking about it.

With Tiesto’s new venture into new styles of music, I think this is going to be the next festival anthem. Along with everyone doing their own things, check out BOOM music video with Jabbawockeez x Tiesto in BOOM! Tell us what you think about it in the comments below!