Jack U In A Snafu?

Jack U In A Snafu?

One question has been on a lot of EDM fans’ minds lately. What’s up with Jack UThrough limited new material, a tweet or two, and some speculation, we have received signals that one of the most dynamic duos in EDM might be splitting up.

The End Of A Power Duo?

It all started when questions about Skrillex‘s future in EDM surfaced due to his return to his former punk band, From First To Last. This turned out to be nothing more than gossip, with Skrillex mentioning himself that he was simply exploring his musical creativity. By no means was he done with EDM.

Next came Skrillex‘s tweet that he and Diplo had finished their last live performance together with the conclusion of festival season. The tweet was quickly deleted. That was that until Slushii got online and said that a beef between Skrillex and Diplo was definitely “a thing.” Then there was this quote from Diplo in early 2017:

“I think right now I’m just trying to make Major Lazer. Last year I kind of did everything and I wore myself really thin trying to do all those projects but this year it’s all about getting the Major Lazer stuff out. We have a lot of records we wrote together me and Skrillex but I don’t think its time to put those out now. Just trying to concentrate on this Major Lazer material.”

So? Is Jack U History?

When asked if any more releases would come from the side project at a Q&A in Sydney, Diplo replied:

“Hopefully. Right now I’m just doing a lot of new Major Lazer stuff and Diplo stuff. The thing with Jack Ü is complicated, because of Atlantic. Skrillex is signed to that label and it’s difficult to do anything with that. I hate major labels, so I don’t really want to do anything with major labels. So it’s hard.”

While it appears that we won’t hear any new material from Jack U for a while, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear new music before the end of 2017. While Diplo and Skrillex may be exploring different avenues currently, Diplo appears to have more of an issue with Atlantic Records, Skrillex’s label, than Skrillex himself.

Regardless, these two superstars promise to bring entertainment to EDM fans everywhere throughout 2017.

Featured image: Noel Vasquez/GC Images

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