[Behind the Beat] JC Ordonez: From Fest Goer to Producer

[Behind the Beat] JC Ordonez: From Fest Goer to Producer

Advancements in music technology have made it possible for just about anyone who’s interested in music production to dive into it from the comfort of their own bed. A passion to learn, hunger for music and a desire to create are a must for music creators. Just about anyone with internet access (hello YouTube tutorials) and music software can start playing around and putting their own tracks together. RezzGrimes and Slushii are a few artists who are self-taught in the music space and their dedication has paid off. In fact, it’s not too rare to come across EDM DJs who go from music festival goer to DJ/producer. JC Ordonez (Juan Carlos Ordonez) can relate to how his love for music has evolved with time from listener to creator.

In his first interview, JC Ordonez shares that Rezz was the one to inspire him to jump into the world of music production with Ableton. It’s only been a year since he first started dabbling with the software making his first track May of last year. A Miami native, JC Ordonez is no stranger to music festivals and has consistently been attending local events and hopes to one day play Ultra since he grew up going to that music festival.

‘Overtown,’ actually one of the first tracks that flew onto my radar from JC Ordonez’s SoundCloud, was his first release on U.K. label Midnineties is full of that bass house energy layered over simple vocals. The perfect combination of drums and a tight bassline energizes this original house tune. Listen for yourself below:

Skrillex…is so talented, and he has shown he can make all types of records

Check out one of his latest tracks below, and follow him on SoundCloud.

Artist Hot Seat

  • Favorite non-EDM artist? Alive – J.Cole | Dead – Tupac
  • A day relaxing on the beach or a day in the studio? Day in the studio, even though I grew up on south beach.
  • Describe yourself in one word: Focused
  • What is something most people don’t know about you? I only drink water. Haha!

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