[Listen] Julie Bergan – Arigato (The Scene Kings Remix)

[Listen] Julie Bergan – Arigato (The Scene Kings Remix)

In the world of EDM remixes, The Scene Kings’ remix of Julie Bergan’s Arigato has been one of the more successful. The vocals throughout Arigato are rhythmic, taking on an almost rouge/deep house hybrid feel. The pace is slower than one would expect, but altogether Arigato isn’t down-tempo or chill-wave in any capacity. All in all, Arigato creates a sense of timelessness throughout the track, embossing the listener in a lacquer of both intrigue and relaxation somehow.

The intro is mellow, employing cymbals rather effectively without overusing the clamorous, attention-getting aspect or under-utilizing the resonance. The clicks and sound effects are juxtaposed with the rhythm and rhythmic aspects of the vocals. When the drop appears, the signature/namesake lyric “Arigato Motherf**ker” makes its appearance, and takes the song in a new direction.

The drop is synth-heavy, using a variety of rising and falling patterns. There’s not exactly beats and breaks in “Arigato,” but similar elements of that style can be seen. The drumbeat is omnipresent, almost to the point where it’s hypnotic (in a good way). There’s a catchiness to the repetitive percussion when accompanied by the softness of the lyrics. The fade out is rather standard, drums and claps until an abrupt end, but that’s a pattern I’m seeing everywhere in EDM currently.

All in all, the sound of “Arigato” is a bit like acid house, perhaps just a little faster though. The echoes of the synth remind me of the “Pray to God” Hacienda Remix, another unique song. Julie Bergan’s “Arigato” has definitely been transformed by The Scene Kings in this remix. The hybridization of both artists allows for such unique harmony, taking in the house-aspects from one, and adding a soulful resonance from the other. Of the many remixes you’ll hear this summer, “Arigato” is one that should definitely make its way to the top.

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