Kaskade Spring Fling Tour Takes Over NYC

Kaskade Spring Fling Tour Takes Over NYC

Within all the DJs, Kaskade is inspirational through his lyrics, his sounds, his humbleness, his love for his fans, his dedication to his music, do I need to go on?
The anticipation of when Kaskade would be returning to NYC for a show (after the unfortunate cancellation of Kaskade’s Redux at Brooklyn back in September) was killing NYC! Last week Kaskade made it up to us with a warm welcome with “Spring Fling”. However it was not as the Redux, he gave us a taste of that DEEP deep house. It was a pleasant surprise to hear some of Kaskade’s classics such as “Stars Troll,” “Everything,” “Misery,” “Be Still,” he gave a shout out to Kaskade Konnecters for Colleen ,creator of Kaskade Konnect, by playing “Steppin’ out,” “Last Chance,” “Move for Me (enceladus mashup),” “Something Something,” “I remember,” “Under the Stars,” “Eyes Reloaded,” “Flame” mashup of “Starboy,” “Wash Away,” and many more. Kaskade always continues to amaze us, especially how he played various tracks and sets each event. The second night his set took me back to his Ultra 2016 show.Kaskade NYC

Let’s all not forget the other artists that played in NYC , Illenium and Medasin. Illenium has worked his way up and super glad to see him on tour with the Infamous Kaskade. Illenium is quite a distinct artist, who would’ve known he has skills to to play the drums?! Illenium’s song “Fractures,” and collaborated a song with Seven Lions feat. Said The SkyRush Over Me,” literally. As for Medasin, his style of music , aka future bass, was appealing. As it was my first time seeing Medasin,and no wonder why Medasin chose to open for Kaskade.

Looking through an artist’s point of view, Hammerstein Ballroom was the best choice for Kaskade to perform at. Overall, the production team captured Kaskade’s Aesthetic and vision that he wants the audience to see. The heightened suspense of “what is he going to play next.” The crowd added to the “Atmosphere”, especially when you’re alongside the wonderful group Kaskade Konnect.

Speaking of Kaskade Konnect, This awesome group that I met gave me the joy and vision on how Kaskade wants his audience to perceive. Ever since the group was created, they have connected many Kaskade fans together and built a relationship unlike any other. The group is always organizing a meetup spot before the event to welcome both new and old faces to the group. They have a list of shows that they will be attending at their website KaskadeKonnect and check out their FB KaskadeKonnectfb . The Konnecters will be posting their meet up spots as well on their Kaskade Konnect group page on Facebook. Be sure to Konnect and don’t miss out on any of their news cause trust me….. it’ll be worth it!!

Questions answered by the Kaskade Konnecters:

Q: What has been your memorable moments since the group was formed?
A: But my most memorable moments since being in Konnect were the LACC Taco meet up hosted by Colleen when I first got to meet the majority of everyone in Konnect. Also my favorite Konnect moment is the DC/NYC trip I made with 5 friends from Konnect during Spring Fling: Matty, Mike, Joe, Sam, & GIGI. – Bryan J, Dallas, TX

Q: What do you think are the long term goals of the group?
A: Just to continue spreading Colleen’s vision to the world. Continue Konnecting fans for the llove of K’s music! Also, to always “let the music speak.” – Matt A , Las Vegas, NV

Q:I remember you saying you just recently konnected with the KK group, can you describe your experience with the group as a new comer?
A: I felt very welcomed and excited to finally meet the group. Everyone introduced themselves and said hello, it was an overall amazing experience. I enjoyed my time so much with them that I came back the second night as well! They all knew that I am friends with Matt, a Konnect member in Las Vegas, and I just felt amazing knowing the community is so intertwined. – Alexandria M, NYC

Q: What about Kaskade’s music drives you to continue the legacy of this group and why does it inspire you?
A: So Kaskade’s music is something I hold dear to my heart. Although his music is always evolving, he can still remain close to his roots. The melodies are captivating and the lyrics are meaningful. His music makes you want to dance the night away and what better way is there to enjoy his music than with a huge group of like-minded people. A group like Kaskade Konnect is one of a kind and the people that opened their arms for me to make me feel welcome are the true inspiration, the main one being Colleen Burns. – Olivia T, Houston, TX

Q: Since you’re a group of Konnecters, what has been your biggest Konnect while being a part of this group? Also, what do you plan to carry on in this group that Colleen left behind?
A: Being a part of this amazing group has definitely gotten me to travel and do events that I’ve never imagined doing, especially alone. With that being said, we have gone to many events together just enjoying Kaskade‘s music and each other’s company. This past trip to D.C. and New York for Spring Fling was definitely HUGE and very significant to me but the one I would have to go with for this answer is Kaskade at LACC. That event was definitely a milestone in Kaskade Konnect’s history. From the 3 shows that weekend to the KK taco meetup where Kaskade came to surprise all of us, it was incredible!

Colleen left behind a community of people who share a love and passion for one man’s music and through this community I have had experiences I will never forget and gained friendships that I know will last a lifetime. I plan to do what I can to keep this community alive and bring as many people into it as I can because this is something truly amazing and I want people to get what I got out of Kaskade Konnect. – Matthew M, Vallejo, CA

“Don’t stop dancin’, girl”

Edited by Jean G

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