Kaskade’s Redux Experience

Kaskade’s Redux Experience

The veteran DJ, Kaskade, is ready to hit the road again this fall and he is making stops in 12 North American cities: Boston, Huntington Beach, New York City, Vancouver, just to name a few!

Redux is the name of the tour, to accompany his recent EP release, Redux EP 002. We know Kaskade is an icon in the scene and has filled stadiums, main stages in festivals and has had sold-out shows in previous tours, but Redux is meant to be more intimate.

According to Kaskades verified Twitter account, he wants hundreds and not millions to experience his show. After the announcement of the tour came a series of tweets as a fair warning about what to expect in these 12 cities, so there are no frustrations on behalf of the fans. His shows will be in locations where as he puts it “… Places that I have not had a show in YEARS…”-If you are expecting a “festival-like” experience, then the chances are slim to none. Kaskade is taking a different route and his intent is not to fill stadiums.

Since the announcement of the tour and warning in tweets came tweets from fans that expressed discontent about sold-out shows, third parties, and overpriced tickets as well. Kaskade made it clear to fans about not trusting third parties, being patient since the website did have some glitches, and to be patient as more tickets will go on sale.

Redux is stirring up quite some heat, so if you have not been religiously following his discography, then leave these events for the die-hard fans.

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