Keeping Calm with Hey Baby

Keeping Calm with Hey Baby

The new song “Hey Baby” by super awesome EDM DJ trio Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike, and Diplo has been tearing up the radio waves. The song also features Deb’s Daughter, an awesome EDM voice. All three EDM artists have been incredibly busy lately, with multiple releases and tour dates, but hearing this new track from all three of them is certainly an unexpected treat. Even more epic is the super slick and neat animated music video, which brings the song to life with a retro, comic style of animation.

Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike, and Diplo all come through in the collaboration of Hey Baby. The build has a heavy use of piston sound effects, which controls the overall rhythm of the beat and vocals very well, and makes the entire thing sound rather neatly organized. The drop is super bass heavy and employs a super catchy echo effect, vaguely like a machine of some sort, and when it all comes together with the reverb you can feel the rumble in your feet.

The lyrics sung by Deb’s Daughter to Hey Baby by Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike, and Diplo are really energizing and reassuring to the listeners. They’re not overtly preachy or over-hyped, but they rather speak to the notion of “standing tall” and holding one’s own. The repetition of “hey baby” is employed very slyly to this idea, keeping that reassuring tone about the lyrics and rising pitch, but also keeping it fun and down to earth. The whole song is super fun, flirty, and exciting.

One cool element of Hey Baby by Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike, and Diplo especially is the shaken instrument, which creates an upbeat resonance similar to the riq in Middle Eastern music. This also complements the drop, as well as the numerous snare kicks and piston effects. All in all, Hey Baby is one hardcore, yet somehow still chill as can be rager.

Check out the video below

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