Listen: Keys N Krates’ Debut Album “Cura” Is Here At Last

Listen: Keys N Krates’ Debut Album “Cura” Is Here At Last

If you are already a fan of Keys N Krates’ unique sound, you have most likely been anticipating the arrival of their debut album, Cura!

The Toronto-based trio, featuring drummer Adam Tune, keyboardist David Matisse, and turntablist Jr. Flo, released their nine-track LP earlier this week and I have not been able to stop jamming to it since! It has an intense and easy to listen to a blend of modern, melodic instrumentals and groovy sounds. Each track stands alone in its power, yet the album glides from song to song with thoughtful cohesiveness. The undeniable inspiration drawn from Keys N Krates’ hip-hop background in Cura will open your eyes to a whole new and soulful side of EDM.

Not only is this timeless album an accumulation of unique melodies and sounds, but, it is also stacked with a number of featured talented artists. Artists such as Grammy-nominated Tory Lanez, 070 Shake, and Ambré Perkins, who is featured in the most popular track on the album, “Glitter”. Ouici is featured in my favorite track on the album. Released in December of last year, “Flute Loop” has one of the most hypnotizing sounds in the debut collection. The record entices you with soft chimes and flute whistles accompanied by vocals provided by Ouici, before diving head first into a dope bass line that will keep you grooving along for the rest of the track.

If you are like me and have been completely absorbed with the fresh sound that Keys N Krates have made for themselves and EDM, you are in luck! The group is currently on an international tour promoting their debut album, with stops coming up in the midwest and on the west coast. You can even catch them during the first weekend of Electric Forest in Rothbury, Michigan this summer!

You don’t want to miss out on the transformational music that Keys N Krates is creating. I know I don’t plan to!