Knife Party: A Party For One?

Knife Party: A Party For One?

As some of you may already be aware, I’m from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and the reason I’m stating this is because one of my all time favorite electric dance music duo’s, Knife Party, played this past weekend in Washington D.C. – a venue close enough for me to venture to, so I bought my ticket and anxiously awaited the DJ set.

After just returning from Ultra Miami there aren’t many DJ sets I anticipated seeing for a while, but I was extra excited to see Knife Party.

I planned on getting to the show early so I could reserve my spot at the front of the rail, and I even made sure I looked super adorable in the hopes that Rob Swire, one of the artists in Knife Party and formally the lead singer and producer in my favorite band ever Pendulum, would notice me – feel free to call me a fan-girl.

Don’t get me wrong – I wanted to see Knife Party perform live anyways, but I was EXTREMELY disappointed to see only half of the members that night. To my dismay, Mr. Swire was absent for the entire duration of the performance.

Gareth McGrillen, the other member of Knife Party undoubtedly killed the set on his own and definitely made it an unforgettable experience, however I don’t feel as though my “Knife Party experience” is complete, for a lack of better terms.

My hopes for the set was to witness the pair play together, and honestly I wouldn’t have expected anything less. When I go to see a live performance I expect to see the artist(s) perform their music, if not, wouldn’t any old cover-band/DJ or an iPod on shuffle do the job?

I’m not completely certain if this a common occurrence among DJ sets that have more than one member, or if most people wouldn’t care, but I do care and so I did some research about Swire’s absence.

After checking his Twitter page, it’s clear that Swire was enjoying(?) the spring weather in his residing location of London that day, about six hours prior to the performance:

While Gareth was in America a day prior to Swire’s tweet, preparing for Knife Party’s upcoming tour dates:

But apparently, it’s not unheard of for Swire to be missing at Knife Party performances. In 2014 Swire was bombarded by questions of his whereabouts and he tweeted:

For anyone expecting to see Knife Party any time soon, there’s a good chance you’ll only witness half of the duo – but to be completely fair on Rob, we all know he’s a busy man and he works hard to produce music, so it’s a good bet that his absents was warranted by some great things to come in the near future for Knife Party… or perhaps even Pendulum.

My fingers are crossed for the next time they play in my area that the performance will consist of some fresh new tunes and a live performance by McGrillen and Swire.

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