Knife Party Member Throws Shade at Marshmello

Knife Party Member Throws Shade at Marshmello

The EDM scene is never short of drama; lead singer and founding member of Pendulum, more commonly known for his most recent music endeavor as a member of Knife Party, Rob Swire, Tweeted this morning a very obvious dis aimed toward Marshmello.

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Inside The Drama Between Knife Party Member and Marshmello


Although the exact Tweet he is referring to is unclear, his Tweet was probably a direct response to Mello’s recent Tweet, ironically about forgetting haters.


Swire is known for his outspoken opinions – perhaps a reason why his bio states “jeopardizing career via Twitter since 2010.”

He has also thrown shade at other artists before. Since he never tags the artists in the posts, other Twitter users typically do the honors for him.

In May 2016, he publicly posted a dis on Mike Posner’s “I Took a Pill in Ibiza,”

While we’re not sure what has Swire’s panties in a bunch, we just want to let him know we still love him – and as for Mello, keep ignoring the haters!

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