Is Kylie Jenner the Secret Voice Behind Terror Jr.?

Is Kylie Jenner the Secret Voice Behind Terror Jr.?

There has been much speculation surrounding Kylie Jenner’s supposed involvement with a new electronic-pop trio. The group Terror Jr. has been making waves with singles like “Come First” and “3 Strikes”, and fans of the trio have used social media to share their theories as to whom the anonymous female vocalist could be. One of the most popular guesses is that mysterious siren is none other than Kylie Jenner. While many have denied this theory, including Jenner herself, here are some reasons why I believe that she is pulling a real life Hannah Montana on the music industry.


  • The ASCAP registrationThis is probably the most damning piece of evidence linking Jenner to the group. An ASCAP registration for the song “3 Strikes” lists Jenner as a performer on the track.


  • Terror Jr.’s Twitter feedThe only person the group follows on Twitter is Jenner. Clever marketing ploy? Maybe. Coincidence? I think not. img_0002img_0003
  • Them vocals, thoughIf you’re a fan of Keeping Up with the Kardashians (or have managed to accidentally tune in when there was nothing better to do), you can probably note the way that Jenner pronounces her E’s, I’s, R’s and S’s, is similar to that of the vocalist’s. Albeit masked behind heavy amounts of Auto-Tune, the pronunciation patterns are most audible on Terror Jr’s song “Truth”, the closing track of their debut EP Bop City.
  • Jenner’s inconsistent Snapchat story – Jenner recently took to Snapchat to shut down rumors of her being the anonymous vocalist, however, she was rather inconsistent. At one point, she claims that she is a fan of the group, but later refers to them as “This Terror Jr. group”, implying that she is not all too familiar with them. 
  • The Glosses campaignIt seems strange for Jenner to imply that she is not too familiar with Terror Jr.’s music, considering the fact that she used their song “3 Strikes” for a video campaign to accompany her signature Glosses. If Jenner is the singer, then the campaign was used to promote both her cosmetics and her music. Genius! 


Not entirely convinced? Check out Terror Jr.’s EP Bop City and decided for yourself.

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