Lady Wood, New Tove Lo Album

Lady Wood, New Tove Lo Album

The incredibly talented EDM DJ Tove Lo has come out with her second studio album: Lady Wood. Fans of Tove Lo’s work on the track “Stay High” will find a similar sound throughout the album, along with a strong lyrical focus on love and femininity, and how often the two intermingle in a gritty real world light. The album takes on a bit of a stark tone at times, but therein is the beauty, and the certainty of each song is only strengthened by this resolve.

Overall, Lady Wood has a uniquely lounge, almost jazzy vibe to the album. There are many typical EDM beats, a lot of “Hey Arnold” Intro-like claps, but through it all the steady pace of each song really propels this album. There are also the traditional lofty, almost aerated vocal one comes to expect of Tove Lo, and sudden percussion crashes throughout Lady Wood. The entire album feels almost dream-like at times, uniquely funky when it wants to be, and overall just whimsical.

There are a number of individual songs that feature really unique elements. “Keep It Simple” is very strongly worded, with resounding vocals and lyrics, and the drop introduces a super crunchy bass element that really unifies the continuous, almost infinitely flowing, sound of the song. “Influence” has perhaps the most jazzy club sound, joined with a super catchy riff and clap combo, and Wiz Khalifa even has a verse that really complements the pace of the song. “True Disaster” and “Don’t Talk About It” definitely have notable lyrics as well, and both have stellar opening beats, while “Cool Girl” has a great twang to the entire song and a dope music video as well.

When push comes to shove, Tove Lo’s new album Lady Wood is a definitively awesome release. The catchy, summer vibes are super friendly and just begging to be heard.

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