Laidback Luke Expected to Compete in Kung Fu World Championship

Laidback Luke Expected to Compete in Kung Fu World Championship

While dominating the world of dance music, Lucas van Scheppingen aka Laidback Luke, once again sets his sights and will compete in the Kung Fu World Championship in Hong Kong, March 17-19th, as part of the Hong Ying International Pro-Team.

If you did not know about his impressive diversion in martial arts, just wait ‘till you hear this! Luke has been competing at this top level for years, winning multiple medals in championships across the Earth. It is all part of his to a healthy lifestyle, and it keeps him in top condition when faced with the trials of his touring schedule.

Back in 2013, he won a magnificent number of medals at the Kung Fu World Championship, including: four gold medals and a silver, all in the kung fu category. We wonder what he will win this year!

Luke will be traveling with his coach, Mark, while participating in three tai chi and kung fu sections, including: Straight-Sword, Fan, and Bo-Staff, showing his adaptability across both disciplines.

Laidback Luke said “[he] is honored to be a part of this world-famous. prestigious tournament once again, in which ten-thousand people take part from across the globe”

Good luck to our favorite superhero!

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