Last Run of the Fire-Breathing BassPOD Stage At EDC Vegas 2017

Last Run of the Fire-Breathing BassPOD Stage At EDC Vegas 2017

Bass lovers are a special breed of electronic music fan. They’re a little rougher around the edges and often expect a good headbang at their favorite shows. From trap to dubstep and everything filthy in between, bass music fans expect a little more from their DJ. Since 2002, the bass music fans at Bassrush have produced shows specifically for this special breed of music lovers. They built their bass empire from the ground up. Sold out shows across the country and Bassrush Records were just the beginning. Since then, the Bassrush crew have hosted stages at EDC Vegas, EDC Orlando, and Beyond Wonderland. In the past, the BassPOD stage at EDC Vegas was a fire-breathing spectacle built for bass music lovers everywhere. This year, they return for the final run of the BassPOD stage and look ahead toward the future.

The BassPOD stage stands upwards of 60 feet tall, with seven parts, and plenty of fuel to get everyone fired up. For 2017, EDC and Bassrush promise, “You can expect the heaviest of the heavy and the dirtiest of the dirty at this year’s bassPOD experience at EDC Las Vegas.” We can assure that this promise will be fulfilled. EDC Vegas heads to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway June 16-18th, with an entire week of events at the hottest nightclubs around town. Tickets are on sale here.

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