[Listen] Late Night Alumni Satiates With The Ghost EP

[Listen] Late Night Alumni Satiates With The Ghost EP

The new extended play from Late Night Alumni (LNA) is a promising hint of the future direction for the group.

On the surface, one can easily enjoy the what LNA presents to us, but dive a little deeper and find there’s more to discover. The former Kaskade side project has always found roots in a mix between playful, heartfelt, haunting, relaxing and overall alluring sounds. The Ghost, which is the second EP released by the group this year, contains six tracks which allow the listener to hear all of those defining signatures.

The first track is the title track, where Becky Jean Williams’ vocals are soft yet powerful: almost whispering over synths. “I never gave up/all that i dreamed of”. She seems to be ruminating thoughts of a lost lover. “You are the ghost/I’m the white dress”. Her voice coos in layer by layer with reverb while the beat finds itself with a deep house bass.

“Lovers” presents as the sexiest track on the album, speaking on one having many options of romantic partners to be satisfied. Seductive horns, slick piano keys and and a distorted guitar accompany Williams’ short and playful cadence.

However, the EP doesn’t get lost in high energy. “Can’t Wait” and “Tell Her” capture what Late Night Alumni does so well. Similar to “Golden” and “Beautiful”, the tracks create an atmosphere with emotive vocals that evoke emotion and attention. Here is where LNA truly succeeds.

Two EPs in five months. We’re not complaining. Could an album be in the works? We certainly hope so.

Listen to the full EP on Soundcloud.