LAXX Releases Debut Album “Fake Friends”

LAXX Releases Debut Album “Fake Friends”

To all of my base heads out there, you’re in for a treat with this one. LAXX‘s debut album, “Fake Friends” is finally here. This 13 track album incorporates all elements of base and house making it versatile on every level possible! It’s versatile, bold and is dripping in base. With each track emanating a unique sound of its’ own, each song also acts as an important element of something much bigger. A blend of intense drops, a variation of sounds and elevated beats. It delves deeper into sound but remains cohesive, effortlessly.

A part from this album being a straight banger, the basis around “Fake Friends” speaks volumes to many of us. In this album, LAXX conveys his views on the subject of our societies obsession with “Social Media” and I’m sure we can all appreciate the transparency of that! It’s raw and direct and is a topic that we must put more emphasis on! Way to go LAXX, lets get the people talking!

LAXX aka James Churchill has received an enormous amount of support in the last few years. Since his release of “Step One” under “Never Say Die” records, in which artists like SKisM, Skrillex and Foreign Beggars have also released under, the base scene hasn’t been the same! James incorporates elements from US hip hop and the UK underground music scene making it the perfect mixture of sounds! His unique blends completely set him a part from other base artists, and it’s expected that he’ll continue to level up in the music game. Folks, I think it’s safe to say that he has definitely shaken up the world of EDM music!

Make sure to check out LAXX’s debut album, “Fake Friends” here!

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