L’Electrique Dollhouse Circus In Denver (2/11)

L’Electrique Dollhouse Circus In Denver (2/11)

The circus is in town, but it’s unlike any one you’ve seen.

L’Electrique Dollhouse Circus brought the big top to Denver last week for a night of art, performance and music. Hosted by MOTH Contemporary Circus and Mahesh, the party featured several live performances happening around, and even above, the attendees. Music was provided by several performers including JAdore, MOTH Circus (Electronic Music by JAYCE w/ Live Percussionist Tober Schorr), K E E Z x D Groves, Freddy Rule, Queen Beats & Jason Scott and Brooke Hull.

The venue had the ambiance of an art gallery opening at first. Colored lights brought focus to exotic art on the walls as two teal ribbons hung loosely at the end of the hall, keeping the early crowd eagerly awaiting some unknown performance. A large black stage also offered some hint of the events to come as hypnotic club hits filled the gaps in conversation. The stage foreshadowed the show with large wooden drums and unlit props with unknown purposes.

Stilted walkers and aerial silk performers entertained the crowd leading up to the main performance by the L’Electrique Dollhouse Circus. The lights finally dimmed and the audience anxiously gathered in front of the empty stage. Menacing circus music filled the air as the Dollhouse performers slowly crept onto the stage.

A ring leader introduced the show for us in his grandiose fashion, and we watched intently as the performers remained silent. With haunting movements, they came to life and began to dancing around like marionettes. Slowly they twirled and danced until the puppet master took the stage. Wooden stakes in hand, she grabbed control of the puppets and compelled them to continue their wicked dance.

As the introduction to the circus concluded, two members of the Dollhouse lingered onstage. They displayed stunning feats of strength as they struck difficult poses for all to see. In the back of the stage, they were guided on by a singer joining in on the music. After their performance, a strongman returned to the stage to entertain with his juggling and acrobatics. Aerial turns and tumbles were made effortlessly as the display of athleticism awed the crowd. He was followed by a solo performance with a hula hoop, which proved to be far more entertaining than one might imagine.

The next act was a real crowdpleaser. A black disc had been sitting patiently in the corner of the stage until it was finally brought front and center. A pole was quickly brought out and placed in the center of the platform. The crowd became restless as they realized what was coming.
The stripper pole wasn’t lonely for long as a woman stepped onto the stage in black lingerie. The crowd was electric as that women did to that pole what so few can. After a fantastic set of sexy spinning, she gave way to her male counterpart, who sent the crowd into a fury when he stripped down to his briefs. His round on the pole brought the house down and somehow pushed the energy even further.

Awe-inspiring acrobatics dropped the jaws audience as we stared upwardly at the performers. With a simple hoop or ring it’s breathtaking to see what the human body is capable of.

The man who worked that pole wasn’t finished yet, as he donned a tutu and fiercely danced with tribal drumbeats. He even put on Stilettos beforehand, making the performance even more impressive. His outfit got some extra use as they brought up a bachelorette to the stage. He gave her one hell of a lap dance, putting his pole performance from earlier to shame.

The night concluded with the ringleader thanking us for joining and giving us a final chance to clap for the performers. The effort and talent that went into the show was palpable, so much credit is due to MOTH Contemporary Circus and Mahesh. The performers were phenomenal that night, and they certainly have many in Denver eager for the next circus in town.

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