Life is Beautiful: A Place to Call Home

Life is Beautiful: A Place to Call Home

As I walked into Life is Beautiful, I could feel a rush of energy traveling up my chest, my heart blaring in my ears and my eyes wide eyed at all the massive stages. A sea of people came rushing in through every direction. Music, circulated the streets as people danced to their favorite rhythm. I could hear the loud bass from a distance. I was filled with vast amounts of excitement. In that moment, it all felt so surreal to me.


I had no idea what that Sunday night would entail, nor was I expecting to find a last minute one-day ticket under a hundred bucks. But, with the help of a friend and just a bit of luck, I found one. This, being my first Life is Beautiful experience, I walked in without a sense of direction– thankfully, I ran into a few familiar faces. We made our way to the Fremont Stage to see Tokimonsta. As I made my way through the crowd, I was automatically enticed by Tokimonsta‘s chill rhythmic beats. I could feel the energy of the crowd–people were hooked. I took a deep breathe, threw my hands up in the air, closed my eyes and thought to myself, “I finally feel at home again.” I shared a few high fives and danced with a group of people from out of town. The best part about music festivals? Meeting people from all walks of life. 

Mura Masa

As the set ended, I noticed that the sun was slowly coming down. It set the tone for the rest of the night. A light breeze sifted though the air, pulling me closer to the Ambassador stage where Mura Masa would be taking over. I was completely blown away by Mura Masa’s performance and how connected we all were to his music. From his visuals– to his electrifying yet chill stage presence, it was a performance that I would remember forever! Towards the end of his set, he finally played one of his greatest hits, “Firefly.” The crowd went wild! It was as if for a moment, we were all in sync with each other.

Life is Beautiful

Photo Credit Mya Constantino

Moments after, my friends and I continued our way through Life is Beautiful. Bright lights filled the city streets of Downtown. Murals, sculptures and artwork plastered at EVERY corner. The whole festival was a museum in itself! I was seemingly overwhelmed by all there was to look at! I continued the night with a few performances from The xx, TroyBoi, Vince Staples, Gorillaz, and Tchami! Endless amounts of fist bumping, shuffling and connection among different people. Perhaps, we attend these music festivals, not only for the music, fun and memories–but because it feels like home to all of us. It’s the one place where we are unified, despite our differences. A place where we can celebrate life and each other, a place that we can call home. My first Life is Beautiful experience is definitely one that I’ll remember forever. Yes, indeed. Life IS Beautiful.

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