Life in Color Kingdom Line-up: Zeds Dead & Zomboy

Life in Color Kingdom Line-up: Zeds Dead & Zomboy

The proclamation comes to the Buffalo EDM community with great optimism and excitement at long last; both Zeds Dead and Zomboy will be the DJs for this year’s Buffalo Life in Color show.

The show itself, Life in Color: Kingdom, promises a mystical journey through nature accompanied by the majesties of color and light intermingled. The sheer volume expected for this event once again speaks for itself, totaling nearly 1,200 attending.

The announcement, made through the event’s Facebook page, was met after a brief guess-a-thon by the Buffalo EDM community. The genre-bending Zeds Dead was a common guess and certainly one everyone is thrilled about. The DJ duo’s style includes some very intricate glitch work, as well as some classic dubstep elements.

Of course, having two bands means double the fun, and Zomboy always brings the action and fun to his crowds. Joshua Mellody, AKA Zomboy, has been to Buffalo before at the Town Ballroom and I’ve heard nothing but excitement to bring him back. Zomboy has a similar dubstep heavy and somewhat glitch style that really just crushes the audience in the best way possible.

Incorporating both DJs into this show, among the sure-to-please jungle themes and heavy paint flow, will be an explosion of bass that will echo all the way to Canada from the venue’s seating across Lake Erie. Zomboy and Zeds Dead, while uniquely different, have similar sound styles that will do awesome in harmony. I personally hope to see some triple spinning, but even separate, the show will still be a force to reckon with.

Let’s not forget it is, sadly, August. The summer festival circuit is coming to a close, though not without its final bangs. Zeds Dead and Zomboy at Life in Color: Kingdom, will be one amazing bang to really close out one of the coolest EDM summers ever.

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