Every day is a new experience. A step in a direction that wasn’t discovered the day before. There are firsts for everything and everyone has stories of their first time raving. LIFE IN COLOR is the perfect introduction to EDM

Fourth of July weekend did not disappoint all who attended LIC on July 3rd. The day was hot, the atmosphere was lively and the music was immaculate. The line up included , in order of appearance,


Despite the venue change, Governors Island was a great place to hold the event. Accompanied by a large body of water, a perfect view from the freedom tower and sections that people could view the show, even if they didn’t want to hassle all the way to the front, it seemed convenient for everyone to watch the performers.


All of the  DJS that attended LIC were groundbreaking. All of them did a really good job of keeping the party alive until the paint blasts, which were scheduled throughout the show. They’re admirable because they give their all to music and they are motivated by their fans to pursue their passion and encourage others to be game changers.



PRINCE FOX and SNBRN were the first two headliners and they killed it. They kept the crowd going and their music reflected heavily on their inspiration.


PARTY FAVOR had the crowd going crazy when he remixed The Macarena and had everyone jumping and vibing well together.


DESTRUCTO was great! His trance like sound kept the attention and is great for shuffling and free styling. His sound reminded me of the 80’s synth wave.


NGHTMRE, never fails. From his trap beats to fulfilling bass drops, he killed the stage. Debuting Need You, sampling Marshmello’s ultra set and other various sounds, he did a great job keeping the crowd alive. He had everyone head banging.


Lastly, W&W closed the show with a great performance. Some considered life changing. W&W, performing killer bass drops and melodic compositions, they ended the show with a bang. The music was fluid and kept everyone moving.


Some people called the event “Lit”. Lit is a fairly new term used by millennials to express having a good time or turning up. In a completely sold out show, there was an aura that surrounded the island, bringing together everyone. From new ravers to veterans, everyone came together to celebrate the legendary paint party.

It was my sisters first time at LICNYNJ and seeing her head banging, shuffling and making new friends reminded me of my first time. Totally exposed to a new different world. A community responsible for spreading love and positivity.

The Worlds Largest Paint Party was founded in 2006 by  Sebastian Solano, Paul Campbell, Lukasz Tracz and Patryk Tracz. Throughout the show, paint is sporadically thrown, usually obliterating the front row, and taking pictures for social media campaigns advertising the paint blasts. Rebranded as Life In Color in 2013, the original partners are still owners today.

Here is the after movie. Held at The Netherlands Race Track in New Jersey last year.

Personally, Life In Color is an experience everyone should try at least once. For people planning on coming out next year to Life In Color, here are four tips to surviving your first paint party.

1. Stay Hydrated: It get’s hot, wherever you are, drink water. It get’s hot in the front near the stage. Whether a camel back or water from the bar, your health is first.

2. Extra Clothes: Paint will get everywhere and believe me, it’s not the greatest feeling in the world. Bringing extra clothes will not only make you comfortable but you will feel better.

3. Ziplock Bags: Paint will get everywhere, it will even seep into your backpack. If you want to survive the paint blast, from your phone to money, keep everything secure and safe with ziplock bags.

4. Hand sanitizer and Lysol Wipes: Porta potties  are essential to any music festival. It is safe to stay clean at all times.

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