Lightning In A Bottle Phase Two Line-Up Is Out

Lightning In A Bottle Phase Two Line-Up Is Out

The DoLab has released their phase two lineup for Lightning in a Bottle, and it includes smaller stages marking the festivals full musical programming. All the stages now have artists and we can all rejoice!

Lightning in a Bottle (LiB), which happens every May on Memorial Day weekend, is put on by the amazing festival company called The DoLab. As I’ve said before, The DoLab likes to focus on providing an amazing, holistic festival experience and usually highlights lesser known artists. Although their bigger stages, (the Lightning, Thunder, and Woogie) do give the floor to DJ’s and bands with larger followings, it’s their smaller stages that really showcase up and coming artists all day and all night. There are four smaller stages at LiB called the Grand Artique, Pagoda Bar, Favela Bar, and Compass. Each of these stages have something different and special about them.

Let’s begin with the Grand Artique. As quoted from my last article, the “Grand Artique [is] where [the DoLab sets] up a small Western town on the edge of the festival called Frontierville. There, you get to enjoy all sorts of different genres of music, visit the bartering booth where you can only barter for items, and play a game of poker with a local town member.” Their musical lineup at this stage consists of genres ranging from funk, garage rock, R&B, jazz, bluegrass and more. On this years lineup, we see artists such as Jamie N Commons, Shook Twins, and Buyepongo. Not to mention some returning stars such as Too Many Zooz and Cannibal Catering Company who will be preforming for the 9th time at LiB this year.

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The next two stages, Pagoda Bar and Favela Bar, are for the bass and house experts. Located between the Thunder and Lightning stage, the Pagoda bar is where you’ll find low frequency music flying high! Funky bass artists like kLL sMTH, Father Bear, and Fransis Derelle will be hitting the decks to melt some ears and some faces. The Favela bar is the Woogie’s little sister, giving house and techno lovers another place to prosper. This year producers like Lovecraft, Siavash, and Evan Casey from Desert Hearts will be losing people in the music all day and all night. Another great thing about these stages is that they are legitimate bars, hence the name, so if a refreshing ice cold beer sounds nice in the moment, you can walk right up and get one without having to leave the music your grovin’ too.

Lastly, The Compass which was introduce last year, is the ethos of Lightning in a Bottle. Here, LiB provides a different type of sound displayed by artists from all over the globe and who have studied and understand various genres of music. Karavan Sarai, Priya Deepika, and Poranguí are just a few that will share their rhythm and flow with the rest of us.

Many of the artists on this lineup have played at places like Burning Man and BPM Festival, but don’t get a change to showcase their talent at many other mainstream festivals. If you ask me, I feel pretty lucky to get the chance listen to these artists all in one place at such a diverse festival.

Haven’t hear of any of these artist? Don’t worry, the DoLab has you covered. If you visit their site and click on the Lineup tab, you’ll see the whole list of artists performing at each stage. If you click on their names, many of them have Soundcloud and/or YouTube links attached to them showcasing their music.

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