Listen: A Massive Dubstep Banger Brought To You By Nitti Gritti

Listen: A Massive Dubstep Banger Brought To You By Nitti Gritti

Get ready for your head to be mind-blown by all the bass, brought to you by Nitti Gritti!

Nitti Gritti is back at it once again after just releasing a full hip-hop and house EP and he just released a massive bass-banger to all you headbangers. His new track “Crack” is a bass head’s dream come true, and you can definitely expect to hear this banger as the festival season is quickly approaching! Plus, if you were lucky enough to see a live set from him recently, you probably have already knocked your head to it. And for a fun fact, according to his SoundCloud, the song used to be called “Idk Why This Is So Heavy V2”.

Nitti Gritti has constantly been pushing boundaries within his music while gaining a huge amount of support for remixes of San Holo‘s “Lights” and Kanye West‘s “All Of The Lights”. These works have gotten him recognized by big-timers, such as DiploNGHTMREOokay, and more. It’s only been a year and a half and he has already experienced major success with his tracks “Too Much”, “Famous”, and “Sick”, along with the rest of his released EPs. Besides all his releases, he is ALSO on a world tour, which is huge for his stage of music. What a guy!

When I first listened to “Crack”, I didn’t expect it to be so bass-heavy – I was expecting some chill and minimal dubstep. But when I heard the first drop through my headphones, I knew this was going to be a big one. As a headbanger myself, I love hearing these upcoming dubstep artists, as they all provide a unique sound within their bass. I’m super excited to see what Nitti Gritti comes up with next, and I also can’t wait to see where he goes with his music.

Listen to “Crack” down below!

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