[Listen] Album Debut: Deorro – “Good Evening”

[Listen] Album Debut: Deorro – “Good Evening”

EDM DJ Deorro just put out his debut album “Good Evening” and the bangers on the album just don’t stop. Deorro, AKA Erick Orrosquieta, is signed on with Ultra records and dropped the album “Good Evening” March 31st. In total, the album has 24 tracks, and the entire thing is great through and through. There are quite a few interludes, but I honestly think even the pickiest EDM hipster will come to appreciate them as tracks, rather than breaks.

The lead-off track, “Good to See You,” has a phenomenal flow throughout. The beats and breaks are what one comes to expect from Deorro, while holding back on the super bass-heavy elements to give it the “intro” vibes. The album has fast elements and heavy sections, but there’s certainly a surprising balance throughout.

The most well-known track at this time, Deorro’s new single “Rise and Shine,” is a very well-done genre-bender of sorts. “Rise and Shine” starts off like electro-swing primarily, but once the build-up starts and the drop hits, it is one hundred percent Deorro. The energy and pace is that signature rhythm Deorro just nails every time he spins the record. The swing elements are unique, a good change of pace to the hardcore bangers, and again treat the album on whole with respect in regards to the many genres being bent and played with.

“Let it Go” and “Butt Naked” are also two tracks you should definitely check out if you’re strapped for time. The drop for “Butt Naked” just reminds me of festivals: the sheer craziness, the straight-up mad drops and mixes, and I swear I could just imagine the strobe lights going to the rhythm. Check out Deorro’s new album “Good Evening” on Youtube, or buy it at your locale of choice, just don’t deny yourself the rad beats any longer.

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